Electoral Commission Campaign

The Office of the Chief Justice has released the interview schedule for the IEC Commissioner process which can be found here.

Interviews will be held from 25-26 June 2018.


Click here for research done by CASAC and MVC on the short-listed candidates for the vacant Commissioner posts at the Independent Electoral Commission

CASAC embarks on an extensive collaborative campaign with My Vote Counts (MVC) to

  • Monitor the appointment process of Commissioners to the Independent Electoral Commission.
  • Liaise with other stakeholders (civil society organisations, the IEC, Chapter Nine Institutions and government).
  • Provide necessary  information to members of the public on the process and its outcomes.
  • Advocate for transparency, accountability and adequate public participation during the nomination, shortlisting and deliberations phase.
  • Conduct research on the nominated candidates to the IEC.

The State of the IEC the year before elections
 That the commission may have to run next year’s elections with three commissioners

who lack experience is a red flag, write Janine Ogle and Lawson Naidoo

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IEC Commissioner Appointment process kicks off

The Office of the Chief Justice has initiated the process to fill the vacancies for three

Electoral Commissioners during 2018. A call for nominations has been published with

a closing date of 31 March 2018. The three vacancies will be created by the end of terms of

Judge Thami Makhanya, Rev Bongani Finca and Mr Terry Tselane. The first two are eligible

for re-appointment if they are nominated again, while Mr Tselane will complete the second of

his permitted two seven terms. The two remaining members of the Commission are Chairperson,

Mr Glen Mashinini and Ms Janet Love.

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