The Real State of the Nation Address

Sipho Mila Pityana
St George’s Cathedral, Cape Town
8 February 2017
Comrades and friends
I would urge the Speaker of the House to not address President Jacob Zuma as honourable when she invites him to present his State of the Nation Address tomorrow night — for it is a matter of fact that he is not.
Importantly, he shouldn’t be addressing us as a nation in the capacity of a President for he has broken his contractual relationship with us as citizens. Instead, Parliament should be telling us when it intends to hold him to account following the Constitutional Court judgment on the Secure in Comfort Report.
President Zuma: You must know that as a nation we no longer have confidence in your leadership. You are not trusted by the people. You are not trusted by civil society. And, increasingly, you are not even trusted by your own party and its allies.
When the opposition parties supported a motion of no confidence against you in Parliament last year, you deliberately misinterpreted the objection of your own members to that motion as support for you.
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